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Luxor Day Tours

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Luxor East Bank Tours

The East Bank of Luxor occupies two important open temples, which are the main attractions in most of Egypt travel packages. We will start with Karnak Temple, the most important religious temple in ancient Egypt. It was developed over more than a thousand years. The era of Karnak temple prosperity was between the Twelfth and Twentieth Dynasties. Amun-Ra is considered the most important and the largest temple inside the Karnak Temple. His wife Mut and their son Khonsu lived with him and had their own separate temples. Karnak Temple gets its popularity because it was the first time that God lived on earth with his wife and son.

Karnak Temple is the most important Luxor attraction that should be included in your Luxor Day Tour itinerary. After visiting Karnak Temple, there is plenty to see on Luxor's east bank, including Luxor Temple, the second most important open temple on Luxor excursions.

Luxor West Bank Excursions

After wrapping up the East Bank attractions, enjoy a short tour by Egypt Nile Cruises to reach the West Bank of Luxor and start discovering its important sightseeing and Luxor day trips.

Hatshepsut Temple, also known as Deir el-Bahari, was the first temple built for a queen. The Hatshepsut Temple is located on the west bank of Luxor Excursions, at the foot of natural cliffs. This area was sacred to the god Hathor and the site of the mortuary temple and the tomb of King Naphtali. This place was chosen for its sainthood. 

Queen Hatshepsut succeeded in building the most beautiful temple that you will discover during your Luxor day tours and world tours. She is considered the first Pharaonic woman to design a temple in her name with this degree of grandeur and sophistication.

The Valley of Kings, which appears ordinary on the outside but has magic inside the tombs of the great kings, is the second luxurious tomb in Luxor day trips.

Egypt Travel FAQs

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Being in Luxor for a single day is preferable to staying away. The main attractions in Luxor may be seen in one day. You can go to Hatshepsut Temple, the Valley of the Kings, Karnak Temple, and possibly one or two other monuments on a day excursion to Luxor. The truthful response would be that a day trip to Luxor is insufficient.

It is frequently described as the largest open-air museum in the world and for a good cause. You may find a ton of ruins, monuments, temples, and tombs there. You'll need at least two days of Egypt day tours to discover all that Luxor has to offer without feeling rushed.

Unless you travel with a tour group, visiting Luxor on your own can be rather stressful. Luxor has so many archaeological sites and things to do that touring each temple and cemetery may take several days and a lot of money!

There are no set meter rates for cabs in Luxor, although depending on your negotiation skills, the majority of journeys will cost between 5 and 150 Egyptian pounds (approximately $0.50 to $17). Uber and other ride-hailing services are not available in Luxor.

You should set aside about $200 for Luxor excursions, which would likely involve visiting the Luxor and Karnak Temples. West Bank Temples and the Valley of Kings and Queens. Felucca rides at sunset.

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