Al Fayoum is one of the important tourist cities in Egypt because of its ancient history throughout the ages, including Greek, Roman, and Pharaonic addition to a collection of museums, gardens, and magnificent valleys, and Fayoum is one of the best-attracting visitors from inside and outside Egypt. Therefore, it is a great choice if you are looking for Egypt day trips.

There are many sites in Al Fayoum you can visit, like, the Pyramids of Hawara and Lahoun, The famous waterwheels, Kim ushim museum and temple of Sobek at Karanis.

The most famous attraction in Al Fayoum is the national park of the Valley of the Whales (Wadi Hitan) which contains the skeletons of whales and other sea creatures dating back 40 million years.

Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the lake Qaroun and the falls of Wadi Al Rayan

It is one of the most fascinating tourist places in Fayoum, Book your tours to Egypt now with us