Al Fayoum Day Tours

Fayoum is one of the most important tourist cities in Egypt because of its ancient history throughout the ages, including many Roman, Pharaonic monuments, in addition to a collection of museums, gardens, and magnificent valleys, and Fayoum also is one of the best-attracting visitors from inside and outside Egypt. so it is a great choice if you are looking for Egypt day trips.

There is many sightseeing in El Fayoum you can visit, like, the Pyramid of Hoare. It is one of the pharaonic pyramids and one of the most important attractions in Fayoum also has the Baron Palace, which one of the must-see sightseeing in Fayoum Egypt, one of the Ptolemaic temples, known as the Temple of Ptolemy. 

Also in Al Fayoum, you will find the Valley of the Whales (Wadi Hitan), which one of the most important tourist sites in Fayoum, which containing the skeletons of whales and other marine animals and plants dating back 40 million years. 

Com Ushim Antiquities Museum, One of the most beautiful sites in Fayoum, which includes a unique collection of ancient statues bearing the fragrance of history and the greatness of the pharaohs, and distinctive paintings dating back thousands of years tell us the legends of the distant past, this museum is one of the most important museums in Egypt where it contains 320 artifacts, including pieces displayed for the first time to the public. 

Wadi Al-Rayyan, One of the most fascinating tourist places in Fayoum, Book your tours to Egypt now with us.

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