Al Fayoum Day Tours

El Fayoum Day Tours and Trips Al Fayoum is one of the important tourist cities in Egypt because of its ancient history throughout the ages, Fayoum...

El Fayoum Day Tours and Trips

Al Fayoum is one of the important tourist cities in Egypt because of its ancient history throughout the ages, Fayoum day tours are including the Greek, Roman, and Pharaonic eras. In addition to a collection of museums, gardens, and magnificent valleys that glow among Egypt tours Fayoum is one of the best-attracting visitors from inside and outside Egypt. Therefore, it is an excellent choice if you are looking for Egypt day trips.

There are many sites and day trips in Al Fayoum you can visit, like, the Pyramids of Hawara and Lahoun, the famous waterwheels, the Kim shim museum, the temple of Sobek at Karanis, and more attractions in Fayoum Oasis. All these attractions and more Fayoum excursions can be planned from Cairo after exploring Cairo day tours.

The most famous attraction in Al Fayoum is the national park of the Valley of the Whales (Wadi Hitan) which contains the skeletons of whales and other sea creatures dating back 40 million years. Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of lake Qaroun and Wadi Al Rayan tour.

Excursions from Fayoum

Fayoum is one of the fascinating tourist places in Egypt, add it to your Egypt travel packages list. There are also tours and attractions that can be included in the booking tours from Fayoum. Al Fayoum is close to Cairo and Alexandria day tours, on the other hand, it is situated in the western desert, so you can enjoy a lot of western desert day tours from Al Fayoum. The western desert is the home of the Egyptian Oases, discover the most popular oasis in Egypt, Siwa Oasis day tours from AL Fayoum may be a perfect choice for you.

Whatever your plan, whatever your preferred attractions, we can organize your thoughts to come true, just contact us for more details.

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Al Fayoum Oasis holds different and interesting attractions such as the Wadi Al Rayan and Wadi El Hitan. Al Fayoum day tours are also famous for the Pyramids such as The Pyramid of Sneferu, Lahun, and Hawara. You can enjoy felucca riding on Qarun Lake tour and a sandboarding experience

The closest oasis to Cairo is Fayoum, making it highly accessible if Cairo serves as your base while exploring different Egypt day tours. Nature, history, architecture, world heritage sites, lovely lakes such as Qarun Lake, natural wonders like Wadi Al Rayan, and amiable residents are all present in great variety.

There are 63 kilometers between Cairo and Faiyum by car. Driving time from Cairo to Faiyum is about 1h 27m so finish your Cairo day tours then spend a day tour in Fayoum.

From October to May, when the weather is perfect and the average temperature doesn't get above 24 or 25 °C, is the finest time to enjoy Fayoum day tours. Even during the warmest parts of the day, you may schedule trips to the towns and the desert due to the pleasant environment and limited rainfall.

Al Fayoum Oasis is a desert city the weather in Fayoum is very dry and hot in summer and cold in winter, so if you visit Al Fayoun in winter take a heavy jacket, gloves, and scarf, while in summer bring with you umbrella, t-shirts, shorts, and don't forget the sunscreen and hat.

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