How to Celebrate Easter in Egypt?

In origin, Sham El Nessim (Sniffing the breeze) is an ancient Egyptian religious occasion that marked the start of spring .They believe it marks the beginning of creation too. This makes it associated to Easter and there are some common aspects of celebration. This makes it a great chance to take your trip to Egypt to celebrate of both them, and get familiar more with some ancient Egyptian customs of that day.

  Here are some tips to enjoy your trip to Egypt in this awesome occasion.

Egyptians celebrate this occasion outdoors to enjoy the great weather of the spring. That is why parks, public gardens, the Nile river cruise or the zoo are the best places to have your Sham El Nessim day celebrated during your trip to Egypt. The Nile cruise is highly recommended to get the ultimate joy of the day.

Traditional Food of the day

Since you are on your trip to Egypt on this occasion, you should get yourself a basket of Eggs and colors. Colorful eggs is the main breakfast of the day that turned to be the main joy of the day coloring and shaping eggs.

This day is also known by eating salted fish (fesikh) and herring with lemon and green onions. This can be done by Egyptians only and not recommended at all for non-Egyptians. This type of fish is not good for your health


List of places to visit during your trip to Egypt.


Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh


Two of the most beautiful places foe diving and snorkeling and all types of water sports and activities


Al Azhar Park:

Al Azhar Park is a public park that is listed as one of the world's sixty great public spaces. It also has a telescope from which you can see the whole city of Cairo especially the Citadel of Saladin and Mohamed Ali mosque. The park has a variety of nice restaurants with different types of food; we can assure you will have a great time visiting it during your visit to Egypt.


Africano Park:

Africano Park is a small game park as the animals are not in cages and you can play them and take photos. It also has great space of green land like jungles or as its name Africano Park. This place is very interesting and highly recommend if you like animals.


Al Orman botanical garden

Al Orman garden has an annual Exhibition of flowers this time of every year where you can see hundreds of different kinds of flowers and plants. You can see hundreds of specimens of trees and flowers that grow in that botanical garden. Take photos and buy some if you want. The most outstanding thing in this place that once you enter, the colors and the smell of flowers will capture your eyes and your breath. A place you should visit while your trip to Egypt.


The international garden:

It is so called because it has different types of flowers and trees from all over the world. It has also a museum for mummified animals and a park of birds like peacocks, ostriches and other unique and rare birds. It is good for picnic to enjoy the nice breeze on that day in your trip to Egypt.


Montazah Palace Gardens:

Montazah Park in Alexandria is a beautiful public park. It is very much recommended for its beautiful landscape and the view of the Mediterranean Sea. It is a great place for a picnic because the weather of Alexandria is much nicer and more beautiful than Cairo. Because of the sea breeze. So if you need a relaxing picnic with no such activities. An amazing place to be on your list while you come to spend Easter in Egypt.


The Nile Cruise

 The Nile river cruise in Easter in Egypt is highly recommended on this day. You can go on a Nile cruise for 3 or 4 nights as part of a tour package during Easter. There is nothing compared to the Nile with the traditional food associated with Easter. Relax in the sun with little wind and fresh Nile breeze. That will make you feel the ancient oriental traditional way of celebrating this occasion. That remark by flood of the Nile is a basic place for celebrating that day. You can see people on the banks of the Nile sitting eating and celebrating with their families. In addition, you can listen to a special song for this day coming from everywhere. Celebrating spring sung by Soad Hosny the famous Egyptian actor.

Enjoy the Easter holiday during your trip to Egypt.