Tourism in Siwa and how to spend a great Siwa day tours

Siwa is one of the most beautiful oases in Egypt. It is located in the Northwest of the country. The oasis is a perfect place for travelers who seek a place for relaxation and contemplation. It contains many lakes and archeological sites too. . It will make your Egypt tours or Egypt excursions unique and a fantastic tour. 

 If you want to avoid high temperatures, we recommend visiting the Oasis of Siwa in winter and not in summer because the climate of Siwa oasis is very warm during summer months while it is mild in winter, tends to warm especially in the day, and gets colder on a winter night.

An annual festival takes place when the Siwans harvest and pick up the dates. The tour to siwa is full of adventure, fun and learning the customs of the Bedouins

Its golden sand that is used for medical treatment in addition to recreational and archaeological tourism characterizes Siwa Oasis. In Siwa, You can enjoy nature, as it should be.

3 days | 2 nights
3 days | 2 nights