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Bahariya Oasis (White & Black Desert Safari)

Bahariya Oasis (White & Black Desert Safari) - Unique Egypt Blog

Among the places that topped the trend in Egypt tours at the beginning of 2022 were the Bahariya Oasis tours, especially the White Desert and the Black Desert. Bahariya oasis has unique geological features, most of which are concentrated in its deserts. So now, what do you think of an exploration tour of the nature of Bahariya Oasis?

Safari Tours in Bahariya Oasis

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Bahariya Oasis is located in the heart of the Western Desert, the largest desert area in Egypt. Therefore, Bahariya Oasis tours focus on the distinctive mountains and deserts with formations made up of winds and erosion factors that are unmatched so far you can customize your Egypt travel packages to Explore Egypt Oases or you can leave it to Your Egypt Tours.

White desert safari tours

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The White Desert is one of the top-rated tours by tourists now, especially white desert overnights tours, which is a whole night in the camp in the desert while meditating in the sky full of bright stars.

The day in the White Desert is full of exploration and is very suitable for unique pictures because the place is more special. The rock formations are carved with white bricks made of calcium, so spiritual energy scientists say that this place is enough to end the negative energy of man so many Egypt spiritual tours are held in the white desert. Also, the winds formed it in different familiar forms. The people of the country named a group of rocks, ice cream, mushrooms, chicken, rabbit, horse, camel, and many others. Unleash your imagination among these great creatures and enjoy unique Egypt safari tours.

While the night is left to relax with the sound of nature, shining stars, and authentic Bedouin songs with Bedouin tea, which has a secret formula for the Bedouins. Tourists usually choose the White Desert tour from Egypt day tours to spend a day at night and return to their lives again.

Black desert hiking tours

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Reaching the summit of the Black Mountains is not difficult, and it is well worth the effort; once you reach there, you will be rewarded with the most spectacular scenery your eyes can see, a panoramic view that shows the Bahariya Oasis. The English Mountain, near it, was named for this reason during World War II, when the British were tented, since it is the highest point in the Bahariya Oasis, revealing the whole Bahariya Oasis. Some visitors schedule the Bahariya Oasis tour package to do yoga at the top of the mountain.

Climb the Crystal Mount

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Crystal Mountain is one of the distinctive mountains that mediate between the Bahariya and Farafra oases. The entire mountain was filled with shining crystal stones, while the sun perpendicular to it shone on the mountain it shines like a diamond. Crystal Mountain is one of the areas subject to UNESCO.

Hot springs tours in Bahariya Oasis

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The Western Desert is a treasure for Egypt, containing the largest 5 oases in Egypt (Siwa, Kharga, Dakhla, Farafra, Bahariya) each of them has its treasures and distinctive features. Life in the desert depends mainly on rainwater, wells, and springs. Natural water from the Creator's creation comes out of the belly of the earth, some of which are suitable for drinking and those that treat skin diseases and rheumatism. So when you are on your Egypt Western desert tours, try swimming in the hot springs.

The most popular hot springs in Bahariya Oasis are Jaffara hot springs, Bir Sigam, and Gomaa. A natural hot spring pulsing from the ground with minerals beneficial to humans.

Other things to do in Bahariya Oasis tours

Although the Bahariya Oasis tours are mostly in the desert especially the white and black desert, safari tours, camping, and hiking tours, other things can be discovered in Bahariya Oasis.

Al Hayz Museum Education Center

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This museum is highly recommended for school trips to Bahariya Oasis, as it exposes the water resources in Egypt and oases in particular, and poses the challenges facing Egypt and what solutions have been taken so far. In addition, it shows the composition of the oasis soil, its suitability for agriculture, and what agricultural methods are suitable for it. It is an educational geological museum but in a delightful way. This museum offers workshops for ladies to teach and sell handicrafts.

Golden Mummies Museum

Golden Mummies Museum.jpg

A donkey stumbled into a hole a few years ago and discovered a magnificent Mummy in a golden coffin. It was kept in rolls while excavations were underway, and the find became renowned across the globe as the Valley of the Golden Mummies. This location is thought to hold up to 10,000 complete Roman-era artifacts.

Bahariya Oasis (White & Black Desert Safari)


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