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Colors, Magical In Egyptian mythology

Colors, Magical In Egyptian mythology - Unique Egypt Blog

COLORS, MAGICAL In Egyptian mythology, colors were often used as symbols to represent the gods.

Black Black is not a true color but the absence  of light and is associated with death, the necropolis, and the mummy OSIRIS as ruler of the Netherworld was called “the black one.” Black was the color of the mortuary gods ANUBIS and Khanty-Amentu, and they were shown as jackals with black coats.

Blue was the color of infinity, the cosmos,  and the sky. AMUN was sometimes shown as blue, as a  reminder of his association with the cosmos. Blue beards, wigs, and crowns adorned the gods, and blue faience amulets were a favorite among the ancient    Egyptians.

Gold was “the skin of the gods,” the divine metal that never tarnished and symbolized eternal life in the next world.

Green was the color of life, renewal, regeneration, and vegetation.OSIRIS,  the  god of resurrection, bore the title, “The Great Green.” Green meant good things. The sacred eye paint that adorned both priests and the statues of the gods was ground from green malachite, and the word meant joy.

Red was both a positive and negative color. Red symbolized life, energy, and victory and was often the color chosen for magical amulets such as the TET. A prayer in the PYRAMID  TEXTS includes the plea, “. . . let my bread be made of red grain . . .” to ensure that only the finest bread was available to the king in the next world. But red was also the color of the desert, the barren wasteland thought to be the domain of evil and the god SET. To do “red things” was bad, the antithesis of doing “green” or good things. Red was an expression of anger, and a person with a “red heart” was enraged.    

White White, the absence of color, represented purity and sanctity, and it was used in the sacred name “the white wall,” the epithet for MEMPHIS References were made to “white unguents” and “white sandals” used in religious rituals. The priests in the temples wore white linen garments, and the statues of the gods were dressed in fine white linen.

Colors, Magical In Egyptian mythology


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