6 ways Egypt tours and travel will be different after COVID-19


How will the travel and tourism sector change after the CORONA virus? 


Experts believe that the world-wide tourism and travel industry is capable of re-emerging and recovering, as it has done before with previous crises. Adam Blake, professor of economics and head of research at Bournemouth University's Department of Tourism and Hospitality in the UK, said: "People's desire to travel to places has not changed, but they will be more careful about their actions." "Travellers will need more than just convincing them that travel is safe, they will need to see the real tangible changes that have taken place to make travel safer," Blake said. For now, we don't know when or how the epidemic will go, but once the public health crisis improves, travelers will also need to see sharp price declines to encourage them to travel again, analysts say.

Here are 6 changes that travelers are likely to see as soon as the Egypt tours and travel industry recovers from the CORONA crisis.

1 - Cruise prices can become very cheap Christopher Anderson, a business professor at Cornell University's School of Hotels in Ithaca, New York, predicts that cruise-regular travelers will find very low fares with the restart of cruise lines. Anderson noted the challenge for tour operators to attract customers after the new coronavirus outbreak on cruise ships made international headlines. Anderson suggested that reconfiguring some of the new ships, which are still under construction, with larger living rooms and less passenger density, could be a way to attract new customers. Limiting buffet service and a more on-demand trend through price levels may be another way to reassure travelers who are looking for the safety of cruise travel, Anderson said.

2 - Find cheaper flight tickets and empty planes

Anderson believes people will feel more comfortable flying on less crowded planes at much lower prices than last summer. Last week, several carriers announced plans to eliminate some food and drink services and middle-class seats to reduce costs and reduce onboard mixing. According to Anderson, business travel will recover first, followed by local leisure travel, noting the possibility of delayed ocean travel.

3 - Tourism and activity holidays will be affected by capacity constraints that come with social distancing. Tour operators will adapt their products to ensure that health guidelines are adhered to, such as shortening daily bus tours and not moving to many different attractions every day.

4 - Popular sites may become less attractive in the future, the more demand for space, the more likely it is to attract audiences. Some experts believe we may come to see the world as a fragile place and realize that landing it in hordes to enjoy adventures may not be the right thing to do.


5 - Self Guided and Private tours
Being in tight spaces may not attract us at the moment, which is why self-guided tours and private tour packages may be popular over the next few months.

6 - After COVID-19, health and safety will be a top priority for all tour operators and for each travel agency. They will strive to apply the new hygiene and operating standards to ensure that travelers feel safe and secure.