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What women should and shouldn’t do during their trip to Egypt?

What women should and shouldn’t do during their trip to Egypt? - Unique Egypt Blog

Are you traveling to Egypt solely or with a group of women? Traveling to Egypt as a woman requires knowing some information, some precautions to take, and some advice for your Egypt tourism safety and entertainment.

In this article, you will find all things you need while your trip to Egypt, there is nothing to worry about after reading this article.

First of all, we assure you that you will find people helpful and very welcoming and nothing to be worried about and these are only some precautions for any unpleasant behaviors that you might not find at all. However, you should consider your Egypt tourism safety, but the Egyptian people love communication and help and you will feel their welcoming attitude and hospitality.


General Tips:

  • Use only women's carriages on the Cairo Metro system.
  • Dress your swimming suit or bikinis on a private shore or on the hotel, not on the public shores, dress regularly on public shores
  • Always have a scarf in case you needed to enter a mosque
  • Avoid crowded lines and places
  • Move with groups
  • If you are using public transportation, sit next to a woman
  • It’s better to wear sunglasses to avoid eye contact with strangers
  • Don’t accept invitations to go out or to be guided by strangers or hassles, just deal with it with a smile and thanks.
  • Use mobile apps if you need a cab, like Uber or Careem


Sexual Harassment:

Sexual harassment is a worldwide problem, but there are criteria to avoid in every culture and we will be serving what you should do in case it happened.

But you should know that the Egyptian people are open with strangers and especially foreigners.

They like to get conversations with foreigners asking them about how is their travel and where they will go and questions about their countries. You should differentiate this or the complimentary words with the trial of harassment.

You should know that Egypt is a conservative county, so try not to wear the hottest clothes you have as this will increase the potential of being harassed if you are visiting Cairo or places with many locals in it. However, in other cities where there are many tourists like Hurghada, Sharm el-Sheikh .. etc, feel free to wear what you want.

But if you want to socialize with Egyptians. It would be better to dress up like them as much as you can. Generally, try to keep your shoulders and knees covered.

If you had verbal harassment, the best strategy to deal with it is to ignore it completely as you didn’t listen or understand and walk confidently.

They will help you get rid of this situation. And you have the right to accompany him to the police station as there are regulations that punish harassment. But you will be surprised at the help you will get after shouting.


Pushing for sales trials:

You will probably get interrupted by sales trials to buy souvenirs or other stuff. The only way to avoid this hassle is to smile saying “No, thank you” or “Laa Shokran” in Arabic. And moving forward without stopping.


Things to do during your trip to Egypt:

There is some feminine stuff that can’t be missed on your trip to Egypt. As ancient Egyptians had great attention to women. And its beauty that left us a heritage of beauty stuff made only in Egypt.



Henna is a Nubian custom for girls who are going to be married, but it turned out to be a regular tradition.

It’s an art form of painting some beautiful paintings in your body, especially your hands, you can’t miss that in Egypt as we are the first to invent this henna stuff and we are the experts, and you should try to paint it with yourself, we can assure that it’s one of the things in Egypt that will be much fun.


Trying Middle Eastern pastry:

As a woman, nothing indulges us but sweets and chocolate. But the Middle Eastern pastry has its different kind of happiness. That you should try for your happiness sake, with Konafa, basbousa, rice pudding, couscous, and stayed.

You will feel different after trying these oriental patisseries. You should have the experience to try to prepare some on your own.

It’s easy and mouth-watering, in professional cooking schools like The House of Cooking” or “Lulu's Kitchen”. Put this on your to-do list of things to do to enjoy your trip to Egypt.



If you are going to Khan el-Khalili Bazaar or the El Hussein district. Don’t miss buying pharaonic-style accessories and pieces of jewelry.

Many colorful types of it will match your taste with the pharaonic traditional style. Especially “Kholkhal” which is worn on legs. As the ancient Egyptians were very known for such jewelry and accessories.


Perfume Shop:

Egyptian perfumes have a personality that reflects our culture and our heritage of ancient Egyptians who were once the first in the world of this craft.


Dancing suits:

One of the most beautiful things in Egypt is getting the talent to dance suits. Even the pharaonic or the local. Each type of it is made with creativity and talent. It's very artistic, you shouldn't miss buying one of them.

What women should and shouldn’t do during their trip to Egypt?


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