The impact of Coronavirus on tourism in Egypt

Coronavirus or COVID-19  is classified as a global epidemic. The virus is so severe as it spreads very fast.  Everybody in the world knows  about the Corona Virus or COVID-19 and how dangerous it is.

We will talk about the precautionary measures that were taken in Egypt to fight the Coronavirus or COVID-19 and the extent of the virus on the tourism sector and Egypt tours? and what procedures taken by the Egyptian government represented in the Ministry of Tourism in cooperation with the health ministry? and what are the measures taken by Your Egypt Tours company at the level of our employees and at the level of our customers?

What  precautionary measures has the Egyptian government taken to fight COVID-19
The Egyptian government has taken many decisions that will reduce the spread of the virus and reduce the number of Egyptian people and residents in Egypt to be infected with the Coronavirus or COVID-19.

  • The Egyptian government has closed airports and stopped the travel from Egypt or travel to the country.They allowed residents or tourists only to leave the country as they wish and with coordination with their governments around the world.
  • Educatin in schools and universities was suspended till the situation improves.
  • The Egyptian government has disinfected all governmental buildings, universities .public transport, roads, and trains.
  • It spread a big campaign in all means of media to educate the people against the danger of virus.


Measures taken in tourist destinations and attractions in Egypt:

  • The government has cleared all hotels according to the recommendations of the World Health Organization 
  • Cleared all tourist areas visited by tourists 
  • Stopped the activity of tourism and closed  touristic sites in Egypt.


Decisions made by Your Egypt tours company:

  • The company has reduced the number of its employees and  most of them work remotely. 
  • The company and its executive chairman, Mr. Adel Abul Naga, communicated with customers in Egypt and worked to finish their return to their country unharmed after medical examination to confirm their safety. 
  • The company communicated with customers who booked Egypt tours and Egypt travel packages through Your Egypt Tours staff. some customers asked for refund of their deposits they paid before the virus and the company without any hesitation refunded the amounts to them 
  • Other clients requested that the amount be included in their trips to Egypt on upcoming dates after the situation stabilized. And their desire was met, of course.


Finally, we would like to say that the situation will return to its normal state and undoubtedly better, and we pray to God that any patient will recover soon, and our condolences to anyone who has lost a loved one, a friend or a relative. 

There is no doubt that situation will return to the normal very soon and tourists will come back to Egypt and all other countries as they were before and much better. 

We also thank all doctor s and medical staff who does his job to the fullest, and who do not hesitate to do their best. We thank governments around the world that are working to contain the situation and work to reduce the spread of the virus. 

And at the end, be safe and stay home

Adel Abul Naga 
YourEgyptTours team