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Best 5 sightseeing in Alexandria

Best 5 sightseeing in Alexandria - Unique Egypt Blog

Alexandria, the bride of the Mediterranean. It is named after its strategic location in the Mediterranean. In addition to the variety of places to visit in Alexandria. Where the Romans left a lot of jewels that adorned the bride of the Mediterranean.

In 2021, Alexandria was chosen as the best tourist destination in Egypt. Especially after many Alexandria day tours were booked by tourists and locals. It is also ranked No. 23 globally in the list of the most beautiful countries that contain stunning scenery.

Alexandria offers luxury Roman tourism, the Corniche is filled with great restaurants, mosques with special rituals and stories, museums, and distinguished history. Alexandria is a wide sea full of pearls.

What do you think about diving into Alexandria's great sea of pearls and discovering Alexandria tourism and more destinations in Alexandria, which are highly recommended in Egypt day tours?

Visit the Citadel of Qaitbay in Alexandria city

Qaitbay Citadel is not only for photography, but also it has beautiful scenery for photography, but what distinguishes it is its history. Qaitbay Citadel is one of the main things to do in Alexandria. It dates back to the fifteenth century when it was built in 1477 AD by Sultan Seif al-Din Qaytbay. 

He chose the location of the castle on the Mediterranean Sea, revealing the Lighthouse of Alexandria to be a protective shield for the city of Alexandria from external attacks. 
But the idea did not work, as the Ottomans occupied Alexandria in 1512 AD. Feel excited?  You can learn more about travel in Alexandria with Alexandria Independent Adventure Tours and take a tour of Alexandria on your own.

The Qaitbay Citadel that you are visiting today is completely different from what it was originally. When the British attacked Alexandria city for the occupation of Alexandria, a large part was atrophied to prevent it. And what we see now remains. You can imagine how the castle was in the past, of the magnitude and beauty of the architecture. But it is still the most beautiful place in Alexandria, which is not free from any Egypt travel packages.

Bibliotheca Alexandria sightseeing

The Library of Alexandria is one of the places to visit in Alexandria. Many Cairo day tours to Alexandria are organized to visit this unique library. It is not an ordinary library. Once upon a time, it was considered the most important library in the world. The Alexandria Library contains between 200 and 700 thousand books. And not at its full capacity, it can store even more than 8 million books. The interior design of the library is more than wonderful and distinctive. It also has four museums and a planetarium. In addition to libraries dedicated to maps, children, and others. If you are a resident of Cairo or Giza, you may need a day to discover the most prominent Alexandria sightseeing, just book your destinations in Alexandria from Giza day tours.

Pompey’s Pillar: Places to visit in Alexandria

Pompey's Pillar, 25 meters high, was built specifically for Emperor Diocletian. The construction of this large column was completed in 292 AD. It was rebuilt two times after being destroyed until it reached the shape that you will see and take pictures with today with our Egypt tours.

Catacombs of Kom El Shoqafa

The catacombs of El Shoqafa, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Do not miss out on discovering this wonderful place, which includes a large series of tombs, monuments, and statues. This place is known as the "Mound of Shards" and belonged to Roman, Greek, and Egyptian cultural points. It is said that this place was intended for one family only. But for an unknown reason, it was expanded to include more people. Try to visit this historical icon and more sightseeing in Alexandria through our Alexandria city tour.

Ancient Roman Amphitheater (Kom El-Dikka)

This site is one of the important Alexandria sightseeing, which combines the Roman and Greek civilizations in Egypt. Take your friends on one of the Alexandria tours and visit the distinguished Ancient Roman Amphitheater. The Roman Amphitheater symbolizes the double theater and bears the shape of a semicircle. Imagine this amphitheater or theater and open halls in the open air. I think the feeling was special and this theater was really cool.

Many trips are held to Alexandria in summer and winter. If you are looking for relaxation and do not want to explore, book your place on one of Egypt shore excursions to Alexandria. Enjoy eating seafood in one of the restaurants lining the Alexandria sea, while you watch a pleasant wave.

Best 5 sightseeing in Alexandria


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