Egypt Red Sea Vacation – After COVID 19

The Red Sea is considered one of the least infected with the Coronavirus, also the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism has sterilized all hotels and tourist places to confirm the safety of tourists, especially with the return of life to normal again that period, and ready to receive tourists wishing to book tours of Egypt.

In the next video, Real Coverage from the Red Sea - Hygine Safety Precautions, Be prepared to enjoy a trip to Egypt that you will never forget, it will be perfect and safe, of course.

Egypt will always be enjoyable with the same feelings as before.


See how Hurghada hotels welcomed tourists after Covid-19

Hurghada hotels welcomed tourists on the first foreign flight from Europe, welcoming and serving sweets, chocolates and fruit pieces, after following the procedures and precautions followed within tourist hotels in Hurghada. Tourists were sterilized as soon as they arrived at the various hotels, and then measured the temperature and handed them new muzzles and gloves, following and implementing the various procedures approved by the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism.

Egypt Red Sea Vacation – After COVID 19