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Animals gods in Ancient Egyptian

Animals gods in Ancient Egyptian - Unique Egypt Blog

ANIMAL GODS Animals played a big part in the mythology and religion of ancient Egypt.  Some animals were associated with or sacred to the gods,  but animals themselves were not worshipped. While the falcon was the symbol of Horus and the cat was the symbol of Bastet, for example, the Egyptians did not worship every falcon and cat or believe these animals were gods. Some animals sacred to the gods were raised on farms specifically to be killed and mummified and sold to people who made pilgrimages to the temples. The faithful could purchase a mummified cat, ibis, or falcon and present it to the god as a votive offering in the hope that their prayers would be answered.

Some animals, however, were designated as the living embodiments of a god. The Egyptians believed god could inhabit the body of a particular falcon, and that falcon would be considered a living cult

List of Animals and the Gods to Which They Are Sacred

Baboon                Thoth, Hapi

Beetle                 Khepri

Bull                      Apis, Buchis, and Mnevis

Cat                       Bastet

Cobra                  Buto (see also snake)

Cow                     Hathor, Isis personified as Hathor and Bat

Crocodile            Sobek

Dog/Jackal           Anubis, Web-was-wet, son of

Horus, Thoth portrayed as a jackal, Duamutef Son of Horus

Dolphin                Hat-merit

Donkey                Set when he was defeated by Horus

Falcon                  Horus and Horus as Harmachis, Haroeris, Harsaphes, Harsiesis, Hartomes, Horasematawy, Hormerti, Horus-Behdety, Khonsu, Re-Horakhty, Qebesenef son of Horus

Frog                     Nun, Heket, Kek, and Amun in the Ogdoad

Goose                  Geb—the symbol of Amun, and also called great cackler—is said to have laid an egg from which the world came.

Hippopotamus       Tauret, Set when he is

defeated by Horus

Ibis                       Aah, Thoth

Lioness                Astarte, Sekhmet, Mut, and Tefnut

Lynx                    Market

Pig                       Set when he is defeated by Horus

Ram                     Amun, Ba-neb-djet, Bata, Khnum

Scorpion              Selket

Snake                   Buto/Wadjet,  Meretseger, Renenutet

Sow                      Nut

Swallow or Kite   Isis and Nephthys

Vulture    Nekhbet


Animals gods in Ancient Egyptian


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