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Siwa Oasis is a unique oasis with a distinguished history and monuments. it has a different and special nature in it. it’s full of healing springs and plants.

There are many historic places to sightsee in Siwa oasis like the Alexander Temple at Aghurmi Village which is dedicated to the God Amon, Amun Ra Temple at Um Ubeyda, the Siwa House Museum, the oracle temple and many places in this contest that you will enjoy most the way make you include these in your Dahab day tours.

One of the things that distinguish Siwa Oasis most is the hot springs that they said it has healing powers with natural water bubbles like soup.

It has many springs but the most important and famous is Cleopatra Spring (Ein Guba) that is said the queen Cleopatra took a bath there, so taking a bath in any of Siwa Oasis Springs is a thing that you should do once in your life. and we will make sure to try all these natural baths of Siwa Oasis in our Siwa day tours with Your Egypt Tours as we care about your experience in every moment you spend in Egypt.


Siwa is an oasis and village in Egypt. In ancient times, it was renowned for its Oracle of Amun, which hailed Alexander the Great as Son of Zeus during his liberation of Egypt from Persian rule. Siwa also was the home of the Assassin Bayek during the reigns of the two last Pharaohs



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