5 reasons why you should Include Sinai to your trip to Egypt

1 - Because it’s Spiritual and Gifted From The God:

Sinai is a tourist attraction place for many reasons trough your trip to Egypt, Sinai has a great religious history, especially it was mentioned in the three holy books, and it has Saint Catherine's Monastery

That has a great religious appreciation to Christians for being inhabited by twenty Greek Orthodox monks.

There is also a library in this monastery. That has a collection of ancient manuscripts and icons is second only to the Vatican’s in importance.

There is also a huge evergreen bush. That’s thought to be descended from the Burning Bush from that the voice of God spoke to Moses. an area like this can’t be lost on your trip to Egypt.

Saint Catherine's Monastery lies in an isolated valley at the base of Mount Tabor, where the prophet Moses talked to Allah from its peak, having many miracles in it while he was knocking his stick on it, water springs aroused, he also got his ten commandments from while inhabiting it for 40 nights.

So if you are a person who loves spirituality and loves to know about the history of religions, then Sinai is the best choice for you so you have to visit during your trip to Egypt. Sinai is the only place where all heavenly religions meet. God chose it for all ages to carry all the spiritual miracles of heavenly religions


2 - Because the whole Milky Way could be above your head:

One of the most outstanding thing that you will never forget or you will never see anywhere else. The stars in the sky, unlike any place that has beautiful stars. Stars in Sinai makes you feel like you are living among the stars.

And that if you raised your hand you will catch one. Can you imagine? It’s a place where you can literally feel you can touch the sky and get some stars in your hand.

And if you laid on your back watching the stars will feel you are swimming in them. This is because Sinai is just mountains and seas, nothing to dis trip stars from shining.

You can take also photos that look like you are in the sky. And if you climbed Saint Catherine Mount you can touch the moon, standing with the same level of the moon. Where but Sinai you can get that?

That’s why it’s a place you should visit on your trip to Egypt if relaxation and stargazing is your priority.

Stargazing is a must try also as you can see some near planets, and it will make you inspect the milky way literally not metaphorically. you should do this while your trip to Egypt and you will get surprised at how fantastic and wonderful it will be.


3 - Camping and Safari to a whole new level:

Bedouins live in Sinai from ancient times. This helps to enjoy the Bedouin trips to enjoy the lives of the Bedouin. Through safaris, which depend on camping and desert movements. So they are the best to make you feel this experience, one of their characteristics generosity with foreigners.

It’s like their honour, so we are sure that you will be exceeding the joy you expecting, riding to a mountain in the night with a group, reaching great place for camping and sitting listening to Bedouin folk songs, drinking Bedouin tea and shisha till the barbecue is done then sleeping in  tents in the desert seeing the stars and enjoying fresh air.

I can assure you it will be one of the most adorable experiences in your life, make sure to include this in the group travel tours package during your trip to Egypt.


4 - Hiking or trekking:

If you love hiking or mountain trekking. Then, of course, you should include Sinai in your trip to Egypt, there are many different types of mountains there.

Each one of them is a whole different experience with the whole different type of shaped rocks, so you will never feel bored with, it’s enough to say mountain Katharina which is the highest mountain in Egypt. It’s of black volcanic rock. It snows at the peak.

Mount Moses is the most famous Mountain in Egypt because God spoke to Moses and it was mentioned in all Holy books.

And where he got the ten commandments. Serbal is a great mountain for who love long trekking. And it has the most beautiful views the whole way trekking as you can see all the valleys around.

Umm Shaumar mountain is the second highest mountain after mountain Katharina. There are many of them all are different and all are exciting.


5 - Magical golden Shore excursions:

Sinai peninsula is located between the Mediterranean sea from the north and the red sea from the south.

That makes a variety of shores excursions, talking about shores we should mention Dahab, the golden city. It has that magical effect of shores that you will never forget.

Dahab in the Arabic language means gold and there are many places inside Dahab called blue because its beaches and waters have a blue attractive color like "Blue Hole" and "Blue Lagoon". Dahab weather is sunny and windy all over the year.

Blue Lagoon is the most suitable place for anyone looking for windsurfingin Egypt, of course enjoying a spectacular underwater view during diving trips in Egypt where it is rich in coral reefs and colorful fish, you have to go to enjoy the wonderful atmosphere throughout the year, and it is the cheapest city to practice Diving in Egypt compared to other cities such as Sharm El Sheikh, Ras Sidr, and Hurghada.

The most entertaining thing in Dahab is the small huts you live in and the simple way of living. Of course, there are hotels but nothing compares with a cottage to the sea directly.

And It's allowing the wind to get into your place playing with your body and hair the way you feel. That you want to spend all your life in Dahab.

There is also Sharm El Sheikh that is more civilized. It is close to the European city with the shore of the red sea. That’s rich also as Dahab. And it has its own type of entertainment that you will like much

All this can’t be missed if you like shore excursions, you should include in your trip to Egypt visiting Dahab and Sharm El Sheikh.