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During your trip to Egypt, Cairo day tours particularly, you can easily find your way to food. You can find the foods that you are familiar with like Mcdonalds, KFC, Burger King  ..etc.

You can not feel that it’s the right way to enjoy every possible detail and moment during your Cairo day tours. And that this way you can’t satisfy the desire for the different and spectacular vacation.

You should eat new spectacular stuff that will differentiate your experience during your travel.

So, we are introducing some places with good food that you should try and a magical hint that will make your accommodation tasty.


Breakfast in Cairo day tours:

Breakfast in Cairo Day Tours

If you would like to have an oriental breakfast like Foul, Falafel, and MoussakaYou would probably like to go to Zooba in Zamalek or Maadi.

The oriental food with the colorful place will give you the extraordinary experience you seek.

If you would like to eat the same oriental food but in the category of cheap eats. That all the Egyptian gets their breakfast from.

You should go to Gad or El Tabei El Domiaty, that have many branches all over Cairo.

Or the most recommended is to find a Food Cart to eat that’s very delicious, cheap and adventurous.

You have another option,Feteer Meshaltetwith honey and old cheese.

This can be better if you visited a nearby governorate called El Menoufia where they are specialized in this type of Feteer that we can say for sure it’s the best.

If not, you can visit El Dawar at Mohandseen that’s good also and the nearest quality of Falahy Feteer of El Menoufia.


Lunch during day trips in Cairo:

Lunch during day trips in Cairo

If you are in the mood to eat Egyptian Cuisine so as not to miss this experience during your trip to Egypt, these are the places you can try.


Abou El Sid:

The famous restaurant of the oriental Egyptian food in a casual dining. The most outstanding dishes are Caucasian chicken and Molokheya with chicken.

If you want to go for homemade dishes like our moms cook in our daily life. Then you should go for Facehat Somaya that has no menu.

She cooks daily different kinds and you will be served the available dishes, but it’s a homemade food with amazing taste.


Sobhy Kaber:

Fancy dining with grills that couldn’t be more satisfying. This place is famous for the Ribs, Chops, Kebab, Kofta, and Nefa.


Cairo Kitchen:

When modernization finds a way to the oriental and traditional dishes. That’s what happens if when you try to eat.

You can also try the Lebanese or Syrian food, we have plenty of Shami food in Egypt. The most famous and spread is Shawarma.

We have plenty of restaurants of Syrian Shawarma in Egypt that serve it with good quality.

The most outstanding is Khairat El Sham in Maadi and Abou Ammar El Soury. These two restaurants are famous and good quality and perfect taste.

We recommend to try Shawarma with Fatta, it’s very tasty and oriental. You will love it.


Cheese Lover?

If you are a cheese lover, you can’t miss our dishes cooked with cheese. All you can imagine with melted cheese.

You can try it from Desouky & Soda and you can also try their Butter Wich. It’s a cheesecake with biscuits and ice cream covered with a raspberry sauce. You can’t miss this feeling.


Chocolate Lover?

You can go to Shobra where you can find Flavor bar. This place is always inventing new dessert items with chocolate particularly and all sweets generally.

You can’t miss going there discovering as many items as you can during your Cairo day tours.


Romantic Dining during your Cairo day tours:

Romantic Dining in Cairo

If you are traveling with your date or wife and you want to get some romance in your Cairo day tours. We can guide you to some places that can be helpful on romantic dates.

Left Bank:

Nile view can make your romantic date perfect, especially in the morning or the noon. This place is very convenient for morning dates, they also serve alcoholic drinks. So you can take your date to a new whole level.

They serve food with small portions with a moderate quality, not the WOW thing. The same is Sequoia that’s located next to this place, You will enjoy there also.


Cairo Jazz Club:

If your perfect date can’t go without music, so you can go to Cairo Jazz Club. You can find assorted live jazz music and it serves also alcoholic drinks.

Generally, you can’t miss going there during your Cairo day tours. We can assure you won’t forget this place.


Pour Vous:

Rooftops are what you think of a good date? You can go to rooftop Pour Vous at Zamalek where it overlooks at the Nile with a little-lighted place. This creates the best atmosphere for dating.

If you would like a rooftop that overlooks trees and gardens you would probably go for Aalaa Genena which overlooks the part of the zoo’s trees’ zone.

There is also a rooftop called El Tounsy which is very high and the closest to the sky. This can be suitable for your date.


Magical Hint on your Cairo day tours

You are on your Cairo day tours, Isn’t it? You need to know all the nearby places where you can eat.

So there are many ways to know the best places to eat especially in Cairo day tours package. You can eat in your mood, not the possible and available place.

You should eat a specific cuisine. All of this can be solved easily with the website and the application of El Menus.com which has all the restaurants in most of the governorates of Egypt.

These restaurants are divided with plenty of choices which will make it easy for you to determine where to eat upon your mood and desire.

You can find in this application and website all the cuisines you can imagine with ratings and reviews ad top dishes. So if you are in Egypt you will find your way to eat any cuisine you want.

It’s also divided by the mood and the style of restaurants. This will be your magical guide for eating in Egypt.