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You may have seen many artistic photos of Egyptian landmarks. For instance, The famous pyramids and the sun are shining in the background. Or a picture of sailboat crossing the Nile River in the morning. Which made you consider a trip to Egypt sightseeing. Which seems to be perfect during the daytime, right? 

But have you ever wondered how it looks at night? Are there any nightlife activities to do during the boring long nights? Did you search for nightlife places to visit in Egypt? Actually, Egypt is one of the most remarkable destinations if you consider yourself a nightlife person. That’s why we have listed out the best Egyptian sightseeing tours


Nile Cruise:

Spending your night in a Nile cruise on a sailboat (felucca) or enjoying your dinner on a luxurious fancy floating restaurant, while watching the stars gleaming in the calm sky of Egypt, definitely will be your outstanding memory during this vacation. At the same time as you are enjoying your cruise, you will see the old historical Egyptian sightseeing as well. 
For example, you will see the vintage walls and 10 centuries old gates of Egypt sightseeing, capturing the beauty of its dazzling banks or you could take pleasure in watching a splendid belly-dancing and folklore show. 


Khan El-Khalili:

Whether you are looking for precious souvenirs for your friends back at home. You consider trying a domestic food or listening to some underground or local music, here is your destination. 

This humble shopping center could be considered as the oldest, crowded, cheerful Egyptian Bazaars and full of local markets.

Khan El-Khalili built in the 14th century by Emir Dajaharks Al-Khalili as a modern market center

In El-Muiz Street, you can capture photos of the residents and have a lovely drink from Fishawy cafe shop that was established in 1773.

And for shopping lovers. This center contains a kind of eastern native spices outlets, stores, and bazaars to shop for Pharaonic gifts and antiques. Or get a fragrance to remind of your unforgettable memories.

Nevertheless. It is recommended to start your cruise in the Nile. And watch the sunrise in Khan El-Khalili at the same night.


Sound and Light Tours to know Egypt sightseeing:

Historic places and ancient monuments in Egypt at night are fabulous as much as they are in the morning time, because of the sound and light programs at the UNESCO world heritage sites. 

At night in pyramids, you will see sound and light show and you will be inside pyramids. Besides standing in front of the impressive pyramids during the night with the charming stars covering the sky.

You will hear the history of Egypt and how the Pyramids were built narrated by the Sphinx And fortunately if you are visiting Luxor and Aswan.

You can attend other charming shows such as Philae Temple show in which you will take your hand and walk you through the history of this sacred temple. And how it survived the Nile flood during all these years.

Eventually. You will experience the glamorous chronicle of Karnak Temple guided by the voice of different legendary. Egyptian pharaohs as Tutankhamun and Ramses II. 


Citadel & Downtown:

Regarding things to do on a trip to Egypt, Muhammad Ali Citadel was built in 1176. It is a must visit attraction in Cairo. as it accompanies you back to the medieval era as it is the house for different museums and ancient mosques. ِAlso there are many music festivals that held in the citadel in this days. 

Subsequently, You should head to coziest place in Cairo especially to famous areas such as Downtown, Sayeda Zeinab, and El Houssine.

In this places, you can have a cup of tea or shisha in a local café between the dazzling building



In addition to Egyptian sightseeing. You cannot visit Egypt sightseeing and without going on a safari in the western desert. Or stay few days between the glamorous sky of the desert during the night and stare at the stars. Or at our wonderful galaxy, or even have a dinner in the middle of the desert in Sharm El Sheikh. 

To sum up, nightlife during a trip to Egypt could be fun as much as Egypt is during the morning time. All you have to save this article and visit our Egypt blog to figure out more about our fabulous country.