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One of the wonderful places that you should visit in your vacation in Egypt, Oasis Siwa is an urban oasis that’s located between EL Qattara depression and the Egyptian sand sea in the western desert. This place has a unique history being the birthplace of the oracle of Amun, the god of the sun, wind and fertility in the ancient Egyptian history, as we will show you Siwa oasis isn’t a place to be missed in your trip to Egypt.  


The Culture

Siwa  inhabitants are Berbers or Amazigh who are the original inhabitants of North Africa, the most outstanding thing about them that they have preserved their culture and still use their own language (Siwi)  and still strict to their customs and traditions, this will give you the experience of getting closer look at a different interesting culture.


Take a bath on Siwa’s Springs

Take a bath on Siwa's Springs

Siwa is rich and famous with its springs of mineral water, that’s said to have some medical benefits if you take paths in it, that’s why Siwa has a medical reputation for its sand and water, besides these medical benefits, it’s much fun to take path in its springs, as it’s natural and clear with natural bubbles in the water. It’s said that ancient Egyptians used to take paths in these springs. These are some of the famous springs at Siwa oasis that you should visit all during your trip to Egypt, to experience the ancient Egyptian bathing and the potential healing benefits with the natural water bubbles.

  • Cleopatra’s Spring (the fountain of the sun):

One of the most famous springs in Siwa or whole Egypt. Queen Cleopatra took a bath there while their visit to Siwa Oasis. It’s beautiful and relaxing like a water massage with the giggling clear warm water.

  • Tamusa Spring: 

The second famous bath, it was a tradition that any bride should take her bath there before marriage, and there are some rituals of passing the bride’s necklace of virginity to her younger sister.

  • Fatnas spring: 

It’s a great landscape of water that surrounded by palm trees and the sunset is magical from this place.

  • Qurayshat spring: the largest spring in Siwa, it has a place to take a bath with the outstanding nearby view.
  • Wahid Spring: a hot spring that’s surrounded by sand dunes and large trees

Siwa’s salt lakes

Siwa is rich of its salt lakes that’s said to have healing powers also, the most famous is “Al-Tibtah” it’s extremely salty and has healing powers for skin, sinuses and eyes issues, but it’s also relaxing and offering beautiful landscape.

There is also Shiata lake, that’s remarkable of its cold water even in the hottest days, and the Flamenco birds that inhabit the lake.


Siwa’s Temples

Temple of the oracle:

Temple of the Oracle - Oasis Siwa

the temple of Amun where the Great Alexander got the oracle from Amun during his visit to the temple, that’s why it’s named the temple of Oracle, the establishment of this temple has many myths, the first that it was established by black priestesses from the Temple of Amun from Luxor, the other tells that it was  built for the honour of ham the son of Noah by Danaus the Egyptian, both make the temple an interesting place to visit during your trip to Egypt.


Temple of Umm Ubayd:

the second famous temple at Siwa oasis, it was once a part of the temple of Oracle. It has inscribed colored rocks that still exists till now, it also still preserving its ancient writings and paintings, it’s wonderful, you should visit t if you interested in the ancient Egyptian heritage.


Shali the Old City:

Shali the Old City - Oasis Siwa

The magnificent view from, the top of this ancient castle offers self-esteem, especially at sunset. You can see the whole city as a whole. The old castle built of mud, salt, plaster, and rocks.  There are also MSW Isis and Crocodile Tomb.


The house of Siwa Museum:

This place will allow you to take a closer look to the life of the inhabitants of Siwa, their ancient clothing, jewelry, wedding dresses, music instruments and their ancient tools, you will be surprised of how beautiful they are, they will leave you speechless of astonishment of how beautiful the Siwian life is.


Gebel al-Mawta or the mountain of the dead:

It is a mountain that contains many tombs that cover every inch of its base. These tombs are beautiful. It designed as a unique art exhibition with beautiful colored inscriptions. It is one of the most famous tombs in Siwa Oasis and the most beautiful ever.


The hot sand of Dakrour Mountains:

This mountain said to have healing potentials of its hot sand to the people who have skin issues. So people come there particularly to have sand bathing by burying your body in the sand. Some people say it’s like magic. Siwa has very rich in red pigment used in the pottery industry.


Siwa’s Nature Reserve:

Siwa has one of the most beautiful and rich nature reserves in Egypt or in the whole world. As it has a variety of the rarest and beautiful plants, animals and fish. As Siwa has the largest wheel in Egypt, also there are some archeological monuments and pharaonic. We can assure that you will see unique stuff in this place the way. You can’t ignore during your trip to Egypt.



Sand boarding - Oasis Siwa

The sand of Siwa oasis is just perfect for all the activities of the sand. Like sand boarding or sand surfing. Surrounded by the Great Sand Sea. It has a suitable wind and high sand dunes that are very convenient and perfect. So if you are going to Siwa never miss sand activities as it’s the perfect place.



Since it’s a desert safari and camping is the best in Siwa Oasis. Such a place with palm trees, sand dunes, wind, salt lakes, hot springs and outstanding landscape. Also, it will take safari and camping to a whole new level. Especially with real barbers tribes who are expert of the dessert and can show you what you will never see. Any dessert else, safari there can’t be missed on your trip to Egypt at all.