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Are you preparing to go on a Nile cruise from Luxor to Aswan? Make sure that your tour includes these stuff we are going to say in this article to exceed your expectations of joy and enjoy your trip to Egypt. We are also serving some tips of entertainment you should do on your own that will complete your trip and make it perfect.

1. Places to Visit:

Places to Visit in Egypt

Here are some temples that you should visit during your tour. Each one of them has its own charm, history, and unique experience, so don’t satisfy with some of them and get your all-inclusive tour package that includes all of them.

a. The valley of the kings

A landmark of sightseeing that can’t be missed during your trip to Egypt. This valley is on the west bank of the Nile. It consists of the tombs and chambers of the ancient pharaonic kings.These tombs and chambers carry the religious methodology of the ancient Egyptians as texts and paintings, and the afterlife incidents. This gives you an idea of their beliefs that were unprecedented at this time to have. It also contains the tomb of the famous Tutankhamun. It also has a longtime history of pharos cruse. This makes him an interesting place for you to make sure it’s included in your Nile cruise from Luxor to Aswan.


b. Karnak Temple

A complex of temples that is turned to be an open-air museum. The second largest religious site in the world, the second most visited place at Egypt after the pyramids, It’s located on the east bank of the Nile. It includes the rubies of the temple of Amun. Every king tried to make this temple is the most significant, that’s why it’s a proof of the style of art and thoughts of every royal family. All of this you can see and know about by the sound and light shows. This makes it an outstanding place that you should include in your tour during your trip to Egypt.


c. The Temple of Luxor

Unlike Karnak temple, Luxor temple is not dedicated to worshiping and glorifying gods, but it was dedicated to the rejuvenation of kings, where many kings were crowned. This makes you imagine the magnificence of the temple. This temple has the famous Abu El Hall road and many obstacles. This place is full of outstanding sightseeing that you shouldn’t miss during your trip to Egypt.


d. The Temple of Edfu

This temple is on the west bank of the Nile River. This temple is dedicated to the falcon god of Horus. It’s the second largest temple in ancient Egypt after the Karnak.The walls of the temple are rich with the secrets of the ancient language, the religious thoughts, and myths. There are also inscriptions and paintings of the sacred drama of the conflict between Horus and Seth. These inscriptions have a translation to get acknowledged about all these interesting stories. Don’t miss the chance of being there to visit this place during your trip to Egypt Nile cruising to from Luxor to Aswan.


e. The temple of Kom Ombo

This terrific temple is designed to be double. Its rooms, sanctuaries, courts, and halls are duplicated for two sets of god. The first is the crocodile god, the god of fertility. The second is the falcon god of Horus.


f. Philae Temple

Philae temple is located on an island in the Nile named Agilika. It was originally dedicated to worshiping Isis, but after that temples for other god are constructed like Hathour. This temple also has terrific history and sightseeing that are presented in sound and light shows. It’s one of the things you shouldn’t miss during your trip to Egypt.


g. Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut

The temple where the first queen in the history is buried. This temple is dedicated to Amun. this temple is full of statues to queen Hatshepsut and the god Osiris. Some of them are still colorful to this moment. it’s beside the temple of Mentuhotep II, so you can visit it also during your visit to the terrific Hatshepsut temple.


2. Get your luxurious Nile cruise:

luxurious Nile cruise in Egypt

To indulge yourself and guarantee a comforting and entertaining trip, choose your Nile cruise wisely. You should at first make sure it’s luxurious and deluxe. Also make sure it has varieties of restaurant, bar, lounges, discos, swimming pool, spa, shaded sundecks and coffee shop, as you don’t need to spoil your trip. You should also make sure that there is a good service on board, especially cleaning and laundry service to spend an amazing time through your Nile cruise in Egypt. You should also check if it’s air-conditioned or not and if every cabin has its own service and facilities. If you considered all of the previous we can assure you will have an unforgettable vacation.


3. Nubian Stuff:

Nubian Stuff in Egypt

You can’t miss visiting Nuba, you can’t miss this colorful, traditional, beautiful, amusing experience. You should have at least one night at Nuba and which all the colorful houses and spend a night on it. This is also your place to get the most beautiful souvenirs and gifts. You should also listen to the Nubian music and watch their dancing. This is the best way to spend your night party at Nuba.


4. Jalabiya Party:

Jalabiya Party in Egypt

Have you ever experienced this? It’s a party in which everyone is wearing Jalabiya and dancing all the night, belly dancing is very recommended in this style of parting. It’s also a chance to learn and recognize belly dancing. We can assure you will love it, it’s joyful and sexy.


5. Tips for your trip

Tips for your trip to Egypt
The good trip should be good in every detail. So, here are some tips that you can do easily to complete your trip and make it perfect. First of all, don’t forget to bring your favorite book, the most amusing and not much dramatic and sad. If you are an adventurous and like new stuff bring a new book to explore. The second is the music. Music plays an important element in shaping your mood, memorizing and entertainment, so you should bring your favorite music. If you want to live the Egyptian style from scratch, you should listen to famous singers like Om Kalthoum, Abd El Halim Hafez and Mohamed Mounir who is highly recommended in Nuba. and if you like modern new music listen to Amr Diab.