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If you are traveling to Egypt, snorkeling can’t be dismissed from your Egypt travel package. Egypt has one of the richest seas of coral reefs and has the most various, colorful and rare fish in the whole world, The Red Sea, which makes snorkeling one of the most important things to do in Egypt and the thing that should be included in your choice of shore excursion tours.

Here are some spots that make the snorkeling experience unforgettable that you should take into consideration while choosing your Egypt Travel Package destinations.


Why Egypt is the best for shore excursion tours and snorkeling particularly?

In general, Egypt shores have the clearest water, that makes visibility perfect with nothing to hinder viewing underseas.

The most suitable warm weather that makes the temperature of the water suitable also, as it reaches 29-30 °C in summer, and 20-21 °C in winter which makes it perfect in all seasons whenever you want to experience life underseas.

All this should make Egypt the best choice having your shore excursion tour and snorkeling. And there are hints of the places that you should consider while customizing your Egypt travel tours.



Hurghada has the most shores excursion spots that can be suitable for snorkeling or diving. Each of them has his own charm and different kinds of fish.

Abu Ramada Island, for example, had beautiful hard and soft coral gardens, firefish, octopus, doctor fish, night snails, morays, and barracuda. There is also Abu Hashish that is famous for bigfin reef squid and big red octopuses.

So Hurghada is a guarantee for your own entertainment that can be real fun inshore excursion groups and a perfect choice for snorkeling and diving lovers. Make sure that it’s included in your Egypt travel package.


Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Shiekh is more modern city than Hurghada in the everyday lifestyle. But it also has many spots that should be included in your travel package in Egypt. Like Ras Mohamed National Park that has a strategic place overlooking the Gulf of Suez on the west and the Gulf of Aqaba to the east.

That has the rarest and beautiful coral reefs in the whole world. So this makes it one of the most important places should be included in your Egypt travel package if you are interested in water activities like snorkeling and diving.


Also, Tiran island has a great reputation for an outstanding and unprecedented experience of snorkeling. Even cruising, shores excursions or relaxing and enjoying the landscape. And the great weather can be unforgettable in this island. We are sure you will get the ultimate if you include going there in your Egypt travel package.



This city once you visit, you feel that it’s your dream city you want to live in forever. This city changed many lives by moving there, it has this magical effect you can’t resist. It’s a heavenly city, the hidden gum of the red sea. You can’t miss visiting Dahab in your life. This city can be your only destination in your Egypt travel package and you will never feel bored. Its name in Arabic means gold for the golden sand beaches.

The Blue Hole there is a deep hole there made by a submarine all surrounded by different colorful coral reefs. And inhabited by many kinds of colorful fish some of them are rare.


There is also The Blue Lagoon, this place is a secret admirer of many people. As it’s not common and not much visited because it hasn’t many hotels or resorts. There are just small huts. Snorkeling there is incredible. And it’s the best choice if you prefer quiet places as it’s not spoiled by many visitors yet. It also has clear stable water and the wind is great which makes it the great choice for windsurfers. That If this appeals to you include this in your Egypt travel package and you will never regret it.

The famous Three Pools in Dahab also is a good spot to go snorkeling. They are three sandy balls that are connected by corals. You can see in this spot the rare Napoleon fish that will capture your eyes and take your breath. There are also crocodile fish and scorpion-fish hidden in the sand, this also should be on your trip to Egypt. You can also check top tourist attractions for Egypt sightseeing with some of the tips to know before you mad the trip to Egypt